Scott Spinella – standin 8 count

Scott Spinella– My Music Carrier

Check out Scott Spinella band page Scott Spinella and Jake Sylvestor started Standin 8 Count in 2002. I started playing guitar when i was 14. I played bass guitar in high school with a band in Dover, Delaware. We had 2 guitar players and no bass player, so we flipped a coin and I became the bass player. You think flipping a coin would be 50/50 odds but for some reason I always lose the coin flips even in poker.

We were a bunch of young guys trying to act like Led Zeppelin. None of us could play that good but we sure tried to look cool for the girls. We called the band White Lighting after moonshine. Funny story how we came up with that name. One of our friends brings some moonshine to a party and you can guess what happens from there. A bunch of dumb guys drinking moonshine and acting like fools but before the nights over we all get really really sick. I still get woozy thinking about that night.

Scott Spinella-My Life In Miami

After high school in the summer of 1983 I moved to Miami, Florida to live with my sister Laura. What a change from living in Delaware and Mayland my entire life. Wow every chick is smoking HOT on Miami beach. I thought I died and went to booty heaven. I wrote my first song back then White Sands on Miami Beach. I recorded this song 20 years later with Standin 8 Count. It is our last track on our first CD. I wrote a few other songs back then but one of my best 1980s songs was Help Me. Also recorded this with Standin 8 Count it is our opening track on our first CD. Help Me got some radio play in 2003. We changed Help Me a few years ago and made a new mix. You can check that out on page along with a few other songs we recorded for our new CD.

Scott Spinella– Back To Maryland

Hopefully after 7 years since our first CD we will finish our second CD some day.  After Miami I moved back to Maryland met my wife in 1985. We moved to Delaware and married in 1989. The dream of being a Rock Star is gone. As you grow up life changes, the years go by working, taking care of your family and before you know it your not that young kid anymore. The years just keep flying by. I still play guitar and bass. Jake and I get together every once in a while and record a new song for our second CD. I jam with my brother Mike now and then. He plays Piano but I taught him bass last summer. Most of my time now is spent on the internet company my father and I started last year. We will be launching 2 new sites real soon a business network and a social network. Visit my profile Scott Spinella on


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