Scott Spinella – So Far Away

Scott Spinella’s poem for Mom

Wrote this poem for my Mom. I love my Mom and we have always been close. For some reason the last few years maybe longer i do not call my Mom or visit my Mom as much as i should or could. I do not know why i do this. The poem is about me being so far away. I’m really only about 45 minutes away but in my mind I’m 1000 miles away. Here’s the poem.

So Far Away

Your son is away and not to near
I miss you mom with a tear.

When i was a boy you held me so tight
You knew i was scared when dad left that night.

You sat me down and said be strong my son
Life has ups and downs you just can’t run.

The day will come when you grow up and leave
Be a good man and always remember me.

The time has come and mom I’m scared again
This time your not here and i cry in the wind.

I’m so far away, scared and alone
I wish i could just run back home.

I miss your hug and gentle feel
In my heart you will always be near.

Written by Scott Spinella


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