Scott Spinella – What Happen

Check out Scott Spinella other blogs on profile Scott Spinella. I wrote a poem a few years ago for my sister Tracy. Growing up i was very close to my sister Tracy. Before our parents got a divorce when i was 10, we were always together. As the years go by we are not that close anymore. I do not know what happen. I guess it is just part of life. We both got married and started our own lives. My parents divorce was very difficult for me. I could not understand why this was happening. You want to talk about a broken little boys heart. Let me stop before i cry like i was 10 again. Here’s the poem.

Scott Spinella : What Happen

Hey sis remember when we were kids, Swimming in the pool.

Mom and Dad still together and everything was cool.

Leaving cookies for Santa and presents under the tree.

Mom Mom and Pop Pop excited to see you and me.

Always together never apart, even know sometimes we fought.

Things got sad, parents broke up, I still cry cause of that thought.

You lived with Mom and i Lived with Dad.

What happen to the wonderful family we had.

Written by Scott Spinella


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