Scott Spinella – Always Friends

Some of the poems were written years ago and some are new. I wrote a song Always Friends a few years ago for my Dad. The song is on profile Scott Spinella music. We all have best Friends through out our lives. Some die and some we just grow apart but my father has always been there no matter what. Here are the lyrics.

Scott  Spinella –  ” ALWAYS FRIENDS ”

Remember when i was a boy,

Held my hand and never let go,

As my father you told me my son,

I will teach you all i can,

Life is hard and nothing is free,

I only hope that you see,

you are my best friend,

I want your life a part of me,

You are my best friend,

The day will come when i will leave,

You are my best friend,

Be a man and live right for me,

I remember the time as a boy,

Hero of my world,

You taught me how to throw a ball,

You were always there to break my fall,

Now i know the wisdom that you gave,

helped me be a man today,

Always my Friend

Written by Scott Spinella


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